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2017 Regulations Short Movies  pdfdwload(pdf download)


The festival is open to competitors from all-over the world, with no exceptions


Is possible to send the works in different ways:

USB Key: in that case has to be an .avi or .mp4 HD format compatible with Adobe Premiere CS3 and readable in win/mac mode over an USB key (The key will not gave back in any case and the lack of any requisite will be cause of exclusion);

Streaming: in that case the file has to be readable from win/mac and must be available on line from October the 31st 2018 to May the 15th 2019 (The lack of any requisite will be cause of exclusion);

Download: in that case must be given only the link for a cloud downloading and the file has to be an .avi or .mp4 HD format, not bigger than 2,5 GB, compatible with Adobe Premiere CS3 and readable in win/mac mode and has to be available on line from October the 31st 2018 to May the 15th 2019 (The lack of any requisite will be cause of exclusion – DO NOT ATTACH THE FILE TO EMAILS this will be a cause of exclusion too);

The works received will be not returned in any case.

The works not in Italian, MUST be subtitled, mandatorily, in Italian or in English, even if they are in spoken English. The lack of subtitling will be a cause of exclusion. The excluded works will be not returned.

The short has to be sent with a dialogue list in English in digital format (formats: doc or .txt). Printed dialogue lists will be not accepted.

Every file must be followed by its properly and full-filled entry form.

The movies sent in selection must be followed by five (5) pics (color &/or B/W) taken from the work (not directly from the copy) and two (2) director’s pictures (color or B/W). This pics must be sent over a CD-Rom or put in a folder on line or over the USB Key (JPG or TIFF format, dimensions 10 – 100 MB, resolution 400-900 dpi). Is also required, but only in case of selection for the final, a file with the poster image (also in the same folder of the movie) with the maximum size of 400 MB in JPG or TIFF format.

The maximum length of the works has to be 20’ (twenty minutes – from first frame to the last one of the end credit rolls). Longest runtimes (even for one second) will be not accepted and the works will be not even watched.

The works with an incomplete entry form (or without it at all) will be excluded from the competition.

The preselections will be done by the associated to “Kimera Cineclub”.

The author has to write, in the entry form, if the movie is or was in other festival and the (if there are any) result of this participation.

The call for entries will be October the 31st 2018 and the deadline will be February the 14th To know the date of expedition, will be exanimated the email date and hour in the Italian fuse (GMT +1).

At the end of preselections, will be compiled a standing, published on the KIFF Facebook page. The works with the highest votes will achieve the finals. Approximately23 shorts will be admitted into the finals (15 fiction; 5 Animation; 3 Social Committed Shorts).

The authors &/or producers of the finalists movies will be contacted, via e-mail, starting from April the 20th

It will be the Festival Organization that will contact the directors etc., sending, via e-mail, the partial and final results. So, e-mails that will arrive, from authors, directors, producers etc., without any solicitation from the organizations will be not taken in consideration.


For short-movies are planned three (3) sections:

Animation: works done by complete or prevalent use of animation (traditional, CGI or any other kind), that have a subject not included in the § 17.c point of this regulations.

Fiction: no-animation works that have a subject not included in the § 17.c point of this regulations.

Social committed shorts: all kind of works (animation or fiction) that have the express purpose to give more sensibility on subjects like: discrimination, racism, violence, social discomfort, inequality, work, women’s conditions, underage diseases and similar. If the opera will be of uneasy collocation, the section of competition will be choose by the organizers. Works of this section will compete for the “ 3 Cost.” Prize, given by one of the sponsors of the Festival.


There are no money prizes.

A Selected International Jury, will value the finalists giving the prizes for:

1st Prize of the Jury – Fiction;

2nd Prize of the Jury – Fiction;

Special Mention of the Jury – all sections;

1st Prize of the Jury – Animation;

“Art. 3 Cost.” Prize;

Best Actor Award – all sections;

Best Actress Award – all sections;

Best Director Award – all sections.

The Final Evenings Audience will give the prizes for:

Audience Award – Fiction;

Audience Award – Animation.


Festival’s Final Nights will take place in Termoli (Molise – Italy) in the “Scalinata del Folclore” (or another Open Air Location), from May the 27th to June the 1st 2019 (indicatively).

The screening format, for the final evenings, could be the original (DVD or Blu-Ray), especially if the director will be in the theatre. The original support must be sent only if asked by the Festival. Unsolicited expeditions, will be full (round-trip) in charge of authors or directors or producers.

For video supports is obligatory the PAL codification.

The movies selected for the final evenings, in order to be better understood by the International Jury, must be subtitled at least in English.

The Festival organization takes the best attention in the care and custody of the works received for the final evenings, but it takes no charges or responsibility for stealing, losing or damages suffered by them from the arrival moment to the moment of returning.

The participation to the competition means that the authors, producers, directors and other involved people, are accepting in full this regulations. The Festival Direction will judge over the undisputed cases and also over new cases not mentioned here.

Participating into the competition every author or producer, automatically, takes over himself the liability for the content of its works.